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Welcome to the United Campus Workers of Georgia's (UCWGA) chapter at the University of Georgia! Our dedicated members are at the forefront of the battle for labor rights, justice, and dignity for all university employees. Read about the founding of UCWGA-UGA here and learn about our recent successes and future goals. 

Who We Are

UCWGA-UGA was established in 2016, when a group of passionate and determined individuals recognized the need for a collective voice to address the pressing issues faced by university workers. United in their belief that every worker deserves fair treatment, UCWGA-UGA has since been an unwavering force advocating for positive change and equitable practices.

Our Successes

Over the years, our chapter has achieved remarkable milestones in our pursuit of justice and respect in the workplace. Through grassroots organizing and direct action, we have made significant strides towards improving the lives of university employees. Our victories include securing fair wages, combating discrimination, and promoting inclusive policies that benefit all members of our diverse community.

In our most recent triumph, UCWGA-UGA successfully negotiated the end of the Special Institution Fee (SIF) for graduate assistants -- a $450 graduate student fee which subsidized the stipends and insurance of those same students. This achievement not only strengthens the rights of our university's essential workers but also paves the way for a more equitable and supportive academic environment.

We have also been instrumental in advancing the cause of workers' rights beyond the university campus. Through partnerships with local labor organizations and community allies, UCWGA-UGA has actively campaigned for legislation that protects all workers across Georgia. By amplifying the voices of the marginalized and advocating for fair labor policies, we continue to champion the interests of the broader labor movement.

Our Future Plans

Looking to the future, UCWGA-UGA remains steadfast in our commitment to fighting for the rights and well-being of university employees. Our goals encompass a wide range of issues, including advocating for livable wages, ensuring job security, and creating a safe and inclusive workplace for all. We are dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by marginalized groups within our university community, including LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, and individuals with disabilities.

Through ongoing organizing efforts, educational initiatives, and community engagement, UCWGA-UGA aims to build a stronger, more united workforce that prioritizes the dignity and well-being of all employees. We envision a future where the value of labor is acknowledged, where workers have a seat at the table in decision-making processes, and where every individual is treated with fairness and respect.

Join us in our mission to reshape the landscape of university employment and foster a just working environment. Together, we can create meaningful change, ensuring that the rights and needs of workers are at the forefront of every conversation. Explore our website and socials to learn more about UCWGA-UGA, our upcoming events, and how you can get involved!

United Campus Workers of Georgia at the University of Georgia fights for labor, justice and dignity for all university employees! 

For more information, contact Mikaela and Bryant, the (co)-chairs of the UGA chapter:

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