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Join United Campus Workers of Georgia!

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Join the United Campus Workers of Georgia today! Together we can fight for higher wages and salaries, better benefits, personal treatment, and security for everyone who works on a University System of Georgia campus. Combining our forces allows us to advocate for each other and for our voice to be louder. We are stronger together!

Union dues are on an income-based sliding scale.

  • Minimum dues for full-time employees are $14.50/month
  • Part-time employees, graduate students, retirees, and supporting members are $7.25/month
  • $60,000-$99,999 annual gross: $30/month
  • More than $100,000 gross: $50/month

Why we pay dues:

We have a well-funded employer who is fine with spending money to maintain the status quo.  We require our own independent resources.  Our dues fund things like getting support from paid organizers, funds for materials and events, access to legal counsel and more.