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Who can join United Campus Workers of Georgia?

UCWGA is for all workers who receive a paycheck from the University System of Georgia. That includes staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate assistants and more who work at any of the 26 public USG Universities and institutions in Georgia.

What do I get out of joining UCWGA?

You get to be part of an organization that belongs to us and looks out for our interests—a group of workers committed to fighting for fair wages, fair benefits, safe & healthy workplaces, and dignity for all USG workers. UCWGA Members can also benefit from solidarity & support when facing a specific issue in the workplace, filing a grievance, etc.

When you join you get a Membership packet in the mail containing the UCW newsletter, a UCWGA decal, and a rad Membership card!

What does UCWGA get out of me joining?

UCWGA gathers its power, resources, and direction from its Members. Only together can we have the power and capacity to ensure that all USG employees have just compensation, benefits, and workplaces. When you join you help choose the direction of the Union. The issues that we work on, the campaigns that we create, and any candidates that we may endorse are chosen by our Membership!

Isn't it illegal to join a union in Georgia?

No. Georgia opted under the 1947 Taft-Hartley Act to exclude its public workers from coverage by the National Labor Relations Act, and Georgia does not currently allow state employees to collectively bargain. But if we do nothing, nothing will change. All Americans have the right to join a union and to speak out on matters that affect our community. Those rights are protected by the First Amendment.

Isn't Georgia a right to work state?

Yes, it is. But that means that you can't be required to join a union to hold your job. No one is requiring you to join a union.

Can a union be effective in a right to work state?

Yes! Just in its first two years, UCWGA has already been effective in establishing better ways for graduate workers benefits to be administered across Georgia, increased wages, and created more affordable parking options for UGA workers. Our sister organization, United Campus Workers of Tennessee, has been advocating for employees of the University System of Tennessee since 1999. Their successes include the 2017 victory to stop the privatization of all facilities services workers, the 2007 Pay Raise Campaign and achievement of overtime pay for UT’s agricultural production workers.

Do other Georgia laws bar me from joining?

No, there are no Georgia laws that bar you from joining. Georgia's Constitution, Paragraph IX (9), states that employees have the "Right to assemble and petition. The people have the right to assemble peaceably for their common good and to apply by petition or remonstrance to those vested with the powers of government for redress of grievances."

Can I be fired for participating even if I have a right to?

We are protected when we stand together. Our membership information is private and kept safe. Dues are collected directly by UCWGA, not your employer. We also encourage members to participate how they see fit. The best level of involvement is the one that you feel comfortable with. If any Member ever suffers from any kind of retaliation from joining they will be defended by the Union.

Who do I contact if I’m having an issue at my workplace?

If you are a USG employee and have an issue or concern in your workplace, please do not hesitate to contact your Union leadership at or (706) 431-5386.

How do I view or make changes to my UCWGA Membership information?

If you need to make changes to your UCWGA membership, including contact information and payment information for your dues, please contact 

If for any reason you should decide to discontinue your membership, you may arrange to discontinue your membership within 30 days of the conclusion of the term in which you joined, or thereafter within 30 days of the end of Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. You may arrange the discontinuation of your membership by mailing a letter of resignation to UCWGA, P.O. Box 1121, Athens, GA 30603 or by emailing a letter of resignation to If you have separated from your institution: please follow these instructions as soon as possible after cessation of employment. Refunds of dues paid will be issued only for dues paid after the postmark date of the letter or the date of the sent email.

What are the dues?

Union dues are on an income-based sliding scale. 

  • Minimum dues for full-time employees are $14.50/month
  • Part-time employees, graduate students, retirees, and supporting members are $7.25/month
  • $60,000-$99,999 annual gross: $30/month 
  • More than $100,000 gross: $50/month 

Dues are paid monthly on the last business day of the month for monthly paid employees or the second biweekly payday of the month for biweekly paid employees via bank-draft from the account of your choosing using Stripe as the ACH processor.​ Please note that the deduction date may be impacted by bank holidays such as New Year's Day. The Communications Workers of America represents 700,000 workers in private and public sector employment in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.