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Union Member Spotlight: Cindy Hahamovitch!

We are excited to spotlight Cindy Hahamovitch, a history professor at UGA and former president of the Labor and Working-Class History Association, for her organizing and scholastic contributions to the labor movement. Cindy recently shared her knowledge of labor and immigration during an interview with C-SPAN at the Organization of American Historians meeting in New Orleans. Cindy discusses how migrant workers shape labor history and strategic action fuels labor movements, stating, "You use the leverage you have to... make people do what you need them to do." Her expertise brings a shar perspective to the ongoing struggles and victories of united workers. Cindy also notes the broader significance of studying labor history: "It's intrinsically interesting to study the past... it's not just about certification. It's about education." As Cindy reminds us, education is key component in understanding and advancing the labor movement. Thank you, Cindy, for representing UCWGA and championing education as a powerful tool in our labor movement!  To watch the full interview, click here: