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UCWGA Endorses the CWA Executive Board's Statement on the War in Gaza

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) Executive Board released the following statement on January 26, 2024:

We unequivocally condemn the horrifying and inexcusable attacks by Hamas on October 7.

We urgently call for a stop to the ongoing siege of Gaza and strongly support a ceasefire, the release of all hostages, and the opportunity to deliver humanitarian aid.

The loss of life in Israel and Palestine over the past three months has been staggering - over 25,000 people have been killed, many of them children. Thousands of others are missing or injured.

More than 100 Israeli hostages remain in captivity and nearly all Palestinians living in Gaza have been driven from their homes, facing starvation and disease in addition to the constant risk of death or injury due to the ongoing bombardment of residential areas by the Israeli military. As always, it is working people who are most unable to escape the violence of war and who are bearing the brunt of the suffering.

Those who wish to divide us have taken advantage of heightened tensions to fan the flame of hatred, putting CWA members, retirees, and members of our families and communities at risk from antisemitic and Islamophobic attacks.

Though it has been elusive, we must keep hoping and striving for peace. The global movement for economic justice requires solidarity, and solidarity is impossible in the face of war, terrorism, occupation, and repression. We urge elected leaders to come together to bring an end to the violence and set the stage for long-term solutions that bring safety, security, and democracy to the region.

To read the original statement, click here.