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UCWGA Demands a Just Cost of Living Adjustment for USG Workers!

On August 8th, the Board of Regents announced a decision that directly affects the livelihood of USG employees. As healthcare costs soar, many workers' recent cost-of-living raise is being overshadowed. We must come together to demand proper wage adjustments!

In the coming year, healthcare premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket max, and co-pays will increase for most USG employees. While annual adjustments are often expected, this increase comes as a hard blow, especially when paired with this year’s cost-of-living raise. For several employees, the augmented healthcare expenses will surpass the modest $2,000 cost of living raise granted this year.

Such decisions raise concerns about the real value of our cost-of-living adjustments and underline the need for a more significant review of how these decisions impact the lives of hard-working USG employees.

It's more critical than ever for all USG employees to rally and utilize our collective power. Stand with your colleagues, demand a true cost of living adjustment, and ensure a secure future for all USG employees!

Join the conversation using the hashtag: #FairPayForUSG.