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UCWGA Announces 2022 Midterm Endorsements

13 Oct, 2022

The United Campus Workers of Georgia’s legislative committee has released their endorsements for the 2022 midterm election. Candidates committed to supporting workers rights and public higher education in the peach state. We are proud to work alongside pro-labor candidates to make Georgia the best place to live and work. 

Endorsed candidates are: 


Nabilah Islam, SD 7

June Krise, HD 8

Pat Rhudy, HD 18

Craig J Meyer, HD 25

Devin Pandy, HD 29

Ellen T. Wright, SD 29

Sonya Halpern, SD 39

Sally Harrell, SD 40

Doug Stoner, HD 40

Teri Anulewicz, HD 42

Solomon Adesanya, HD 43

Willie Mae Oyogoa, HD 44

Dustin McCormick HD 45

Micheal Garza, HD 46

Mary Robichaux, HD 48

Josh Uddin, SD 48

Peggy Gillen, HD 49

Michelle Au, HD 50

Shea Roberts, HD 52

Kelly Coffman, MD, MPH, HD 53

Betsy Holland, HD 54

Rep. Kim Schofield, HD 63

Debra Bazemore, HD 69

Afoma Eguh-Okafor, HD 71

William Harris, HD 74

Rhonda Burnough, HD 77

Mary Margaret Oliver, HD 82

Karen Lupton, HD 83

Jacqueline L. Adams, HD 86

Angela Moore, HD 91

Ruwa Romman, HD 97

Om Duggal, HD 99

Sam Park, HD 101

Gabe Okoye, HD 102

Ernie Anaya, HD 103

Farooq Mughal, HD 105

Shelly Hutchinson, HD 106

Jasmine Clark, HD 108

Dewey McClain, HD 109

Ryan Cox, HD 111

El-Mahdi Holly, HD 116

Mokah Jasmine Johnson, HD 120

Jeff Auerbach, HD 121 

Spencer Frye, HD 122

Gloria Frazier, HD 126

Lynn D. Gladney, HD 130

Hoganne Harrison-Walton, HD 133

Ariel Phillips, HD 147

Joyce Barlow, HD 151

Marcus Thompson, HD 164

Mickey Brockington, HD 169

Keith Jenkins, HD 173

Click here to view and download a PDF list of endorsed candidates. 

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