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05 Feb, 2021

Since October 2020 UCWGA-KSU has been raising money to help support the immediate needs of our coworkers who have been impacted by KSU’s layoffs.  In December 2020, after raising over $2000, we made our first round of disbursements to two affected workers with urgent financial needs ranging from medical and health insurance bills, rent assistance, and other living expenses. 

Thanks to those who have continued to donate to our fundraiser we are now preparing to make a second round of disbursements.If you are someone who was laid off through the temporary or permanent reduction in force process or are a former part-time worker who was not rehired this fall or spring, let us know if you need financial assistance bySUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2020.

Because we anticipate the current need to exceed the total amount raised to date, we are committed to continuing this fundraising effort to address additional needs. We have transitioned our fundraiser to a new platform. If you are able to contribute please donate here

We currently have almost $700 from our second round of fundraising on our original platform and are ready to distribute these funds. To receive financial support through this effort, please send us an email to KSUWorkers [at] gmail [dot] com with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. E-mail address (non-KSU)
  3. Phone number
  4. Home address
  5. What is or was your position at KSU?
  6. When were you laid off?
  7. What do you need financial help with right now? Please be specific (health costs, housing, food, childcare, etc).
  8. How much money do you need? Please be specific about how much you need for each item. Please let us know how much you actually need even if it exceeds the current amount we have to distribute. We are continuing to raise funds and may be able to assist further in a future round of disbursements.
  9. Are you willing to share your story of being laid off and what you need to help raise more funds?
  10. Are you willing to share your story to help with our campaign to fight against layoffs?
  11. Are you a member of the United Campus Workers of GA? If you have not been working with the union already, are you interested in learning more about how we are fighting back against these layoffs and future layoffs?
  12. Please share any other information you would like to or any questions you have for us.

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