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Petition Against SCOTUS's Decline of Student Debt Cancellation Plan

The recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to block President Biden's plan to cancel significant amounts of student debt has sparked widespread concern among those burdened by the escalating costs of education. As interest rates continue to rise and the price of essentials increases, the decision is seen as a severe setback. In response, Higher Ed Labor United (HELU) and the Debt Collective have launched a petition advocating for debt cancellation and fully-funded public higher education.

The Setback for Student Debtors

The SCOTUS decision blocking President Biden's student debt cancellation plan has left millions of debtors grappling with the burden of their education costs. As interest rates rise, the financial strain on students and graduates intensifies, making it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. This setback comes at a time when workers are experiencing stagnant wages and facing the consequences of neoliberal divestments that have impacted their livelihoods.

A Collaborative Effort 

HELU, an organization representing staff, faculty, and students in higher education, has teamed up with the Debt Collective, a group dedicated to addressing the student debt crisis. Together, they have launched a petition aimed at urging debt cancellation and advocating for fully-funded public higher education for all. By joining forces, they seek to amplify debtors' voices and create a collective effort to make higher education more accessible.

Support the Petition 

To make a difference, it is crucial for workers to support this initiative by signing the petition. By doing so, we contribute to the movement striving to alleviate the financial burden on students and create a fairer education system. You can access the petition by clicking the link here.

Empowering Debtors and Challenging Financial Exploitation

In addition to signing the petition, it is recommended to explore the ongoing work of the Debt Collective. This organization focuses on empowering debtors and challenging the structures that perpetuate financial exploitation. By familiarizing ourselves with their efforts, we can gain valuable insights to inform our own advocacy in the fight to come.

Stand United for Change

Real change happens when individuals come together and raise their voices collectively. The Supreme Court's decision to block the student debt cancellation plan is a call to action for all those impacted by the rising costs of education. By supporting the petition and staying informed about the work of organizations like the Debt Collective, individuals can contribute to a movement striving for a more accessible and equitable higher education system.

Remember, change is possible when we stand united!