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More Attention to Layoffs with a Call-in Campaign

Our chapter published and distributed another press release today on the developing story of the 24 workers RIF'd (laid off) last month. 

Additionally, we published a thread of tweets explaining the problem and providing some of the data we've collected on why these layoffs were cruel, unnecessary, procedurally fraught, and potentially discriminatory.

We're asking members and allies to call the Chair of the Board of Regents Sachin Shailendra (888-894-6720) today using the following script:

"I am calling to ask you to stop USG institutions from layingoff workers during a global pandemic. Layoffs are unnecessary and cruel, and at Kennesaw State University layoffs have been made under false claims. Laid off workers at KSU are appealing to the BOR. Will you commit to granting all appeals and reinstating laid off workers? Will you tell KSU andother USG institutions to reverse current layoffs and pledge to stop all future layoffs?"