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KSU Chapter Petition: President Whitten, Promise NO Layoffs!

UCWGA KSU Chapter is calling on all KSU workers, students, and concerned community members to sign our petition calling on President Whitten to promise no layoffs. Read more below and click the link to add your name.

Dear President Whitten,

Will you do the right thing? Will you promise no layoffs?

Great news! There is no need for layoffs! The AJC reported on June 3rd, that Governor Kemp will be cutting USG’s budget by 11% instead of the 14% originally planned. While we know that 0% budget cuts to higher education is possible by removing unfair corporate tax breaks, we are glad to see that the Governor responded to the public’s pressure to support public services. KSU along with other USG institutions had already proposed budget cuts based on 14%. Included in those cuts were layoffs that would have saved KSU up to $3.1 million dollars. Luckily, we will need to cut $4.8 million less from KSU’s budget because of the decrease to 11%. This means that without a doubt, none of these proposed layoffs are necessary! 

We the undersigned ask KSU to make a commitment to no layoffs. Other institutions such as UGA have already announced plans to remove at least some proposed layoffs from their budget plan. Georgia Southern committed from the beginning to make budget cuts without any layoffs on their campus. We know it is possible based on these responses and the math. Now, will you, President Whitten, commit to protecting our jobs and livelihoods?

We also request a more detailed accounting of any layoffs or significant hours cut since the beginning of the pandemic. We have first-hand reports of student workers being laid off and/or having their hours severely cut when the pandemic began. What has happened to our part-time workers, dining services staff, facilities staff, and adjunct faculty? 

In solidarity with all KSU workers,


*For those signing this petition: if you or someone you know was laid off, had your hours cut, or have been told you will be laid off, let us know. We must work together to demand transparency in budget decision-making and fairness in job security.