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Georgia Institute of Technology

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Graduate students, staff, and faculty began organizing at Georgia Institute of Technology in the Fall of 2018.

We have identified issues and created campaign committees to address changes we seek:

  1. Healthcare Campaign: Concerns: (1) potential hike in insurance for graduate students, (2) lack of mental health coverage for non-student employees, (3) potential change in psychiatric hospital referred to students, (4) false campus narrative of sacrificing mental health for success
  2. Parking Campaign: Concerns: (1) parking alternatives to current $800 parking permit, (2) research on Midtown parking
  3. Graduate Stipend Campaign: Concerns: (1) increase the minimum stipend to a living wage, (2) potential institute insurance hike for less coverage, (3) clarifying workers’ rights to unionizing.
  4. OneUSG Payroll Transfer Campaign: Concern: Moving to OneUSG will lead to delay pay to a paycheck that will be paid out later in the month. People living paycheck-to-paycheck are not being provided viable solutions for the temporary loss.
If you’d like to join a committee or learn more about our campus chapter, contact